Our Mission

a Clear vision

As the Bangladesh Government began to denationalize textile mills in 1983, more and more business started to grow relating to ready-made garments sector. When garments were first exported, all the fabrics were imported and there was no provision for backward linkage. However due to the costing and the reduction of margins in garments in recent years, there has been growing demands for need local fabrics and materials so that costs can be reduced. This was actually the start of the textiles business, as we know it now. Bismillah Textile came as a blessing in disguise for these Ready Made Garments Industries. It is producing very high quality fabrics and also ensuring good quality control besides making the product price competitive. In so doing, it has become one of the leading suppliers of fabrics. Now Bismillah More in depth vision to get into the direct export market in a bigger way, and to help Bangladesh become a leading textile manufacturing Nation. Its object is to be fully reliant by 2006 with the introduction of a composite textile mill, so that it will be able to provide more qualitative products at very competitive prices. It is also the ambition of the company to eventually do a frontward linkage so that some factories can also produce the readymade garments. Despite the fact that are difficult times ahead of this industry especially in Bangladesh, we are hopeful about the future of Bismillah Textile.

We believe in providing good quality fabrics and ensure long term support to all of our clients. We believe in providing good quality fabrics and ensure long term support to all of our clients We want to serve you with our skills & commitments and hope you will permit us to do so. We are confident that our commitments will be proved to be justified . Our vision is not only to meet the contemporary customer’s satisfaction , but also with the help of almighty those challenges that may arise in the divides Coming.

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