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Our Product

Bismillah Textile is the name of high quality fabrics producer. While it’s manufacturing facilities based in Narayangonj, it operates as a p pioneer and leading company throughout the  Country with a vast network of sales and marketing system. The company is currently producing & exporting Flannel fabrics, Twill, canvas, Poplin, Oxford Canvas, Panama Canvas, Rib stop, Bedford Cord,Spandex Twill,Hering Bone Twill, Yarn Dyed,TC voile, 100% Cotton sheeting,  fabrics, to full fill existing orders. 

     With the ability to produce quality merchandise at lower labor costs, it will provide the buyers a unique opportunity to avail GSP advantage for European markets .  Bismillah Textile is able to compete on a global basis with some of the highest margins in the industry and is slowly gaining market share in Bangladesh.

  • Assured to meet all test requirement as per buyer suggestion.

  • All fabrics would be AZO DYE FREE
  • GSP will be provided on all items in EEC orders.


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